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Readers Respond: Islamic Wedding Party Customs

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A wedding is always a happy time for families to celebrate. The official Islamic marriage contract may be the same in most places, but beyond that there is quite a bit of variety in the celebration of an Islamic marriage. The various wedding traditions in the world reflect the diversity of the Muslim community. What are the wedding party customs in your culture or country?

Muslim Wedding

One of the beauties of Islam is that Muslims come from very diverse backgrounds and if you look at its history it has been most successful for the very reason that it allows people to take the faith and adapt based on the local culture. As long as they do not go outside the bounds of Islam which are wide it's cool. If you check out the boards on Pinterest type "Muslim Weddings" etc you will see an array of different kinds of weddings.
—Guest Javed Mohammed

Pakistani Wedding Customs

Traditional Muslim weddings are always events of a lifetime, with every friend and distant relative attending, lavish costumes often adorned with gold or silver jewelry, and precise Islamic religious rituals to be followed. A Pakistani wedding is a great feast of fun, merriments, and celebrations. It is celebrated with great fervor. A Pakistani wedding is followed by several pre-wedding customs and rituals. It is important to note that some of the customs followed in Pakistani weddings have no foundation in Islam. However, the Pakistani culture has adopted those ceremonies and traditions from the Hindu culture. Below are the few customs normally followed by Pakistanis Mangni Mayun Uptan Dolki Rasm E Mehndi Baraat Nikah Mooh Dikhai Ruksati Chauthi Walima Maklava

Muslim Marriage in Nigeria

Here in Nigeria, things are not going the way it should be. Only a few muslims practice the sunnah. Muslims will organise a party, drink and dance till morning all because someone is getting married which is unacceptable. Men and women will gather for so many programmes in the marriage event. If you are practising sunnah, men and women must not be gathered, even if they will distance themselves. Only a few muslims in Nigeria get married without notifying people until after the wedding. Then they will invite men only for refreshment (that is Sunnah). May god guide us.


Here in the US, the Muslim communities are often very small and the extended families of the bride and groom might not be able to attend. The contract is signed privately, and then the entire Muslim community is invited to the mosque for a dinner. The women gather in a separate part of the building, and sing nasheed to celebrate with the bride. There is a lot of laughter and smiling, and sisters give gifts, advice, and congratulations to the bride. Everyone dresses up, and the bride usually wears a white gown. The groom has his own party with the brothers in another part of the mosque. When everyone is finished after a couple of hours, the groom takes the bride away for their honeymoon. Some families have tried to hold wedding parties in rented halls or hotels, but in my community this is frowned upon as an unnecessary expense. We try to follow the sunnah of a simple meal and no music, just innocent laughter and fun.
—Guest Umm Abdullah
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