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Readers Respond: Sample Islamic Marriage Contracts

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The process of signing an Islamic marriage contract is usually a private affair, involving only the immediate families of the bride and groom. Each party is responsible for determining contract "conditions" and the appropriate mahr (bridal gift). How much was your mahr? What conditions did you and your spouse add to the contract? Reading examples can help others when they are faced with this major decision. Share Your Example

Additional conditions after marriage

I have got married but I couldn't write down my special conditions in my official marriage contract that me and my husband have signed at the Ministry of Justice in Cairo. (He is Egyptian and I am nonegyptian). I would like to know if there is any solution to make now any valid contract where I can write down my additional conditions and how can I make it and where, just to be valid and accepted by Egyptian law? Or it is late for that because we already signed and got our official marriage contract? [Moderator note: My understanding is that under Islamic law, conditions may be added to the marriage contract after-the-fact, with the approval of both parties. It is best to put this in writing, observed by witnesses, and signed by both spouses. I'm sorry but I don't know how this is done under Egyptian regulations, but you or your husband should be able to ask locally.]
—Guest enna

Asking for forgiveness

As for my last post.. you are right. Since then I've been asking for Allah's forgiveness for all bad things I've done after my conversion. I've been through rough times and still I can feel Allah guidance until this moment. I am trying to put my life onto the right track. I will accept what I deserved, but things are not easy as a lot of people are involved and may be hurt. I have nobody to talk to. My heart is weeping for forgiveness until the last breath I will take. Please pray for me. [Moderator note: You are in my prayers. May Allah ease your burden.]
—Guest babesphil

Unregistered conversion and marriage

I am converted Muslim and married. My conversion is not registered anywhere, nor is our marriage. After 8 months of marriage he left to his home country and when he came back he wanted to marry his own nationality. I didn't agree. He divorced me by telling the court that I am not in the country anymore. My question is my convertion and marriage in Islam recognised in my country? And the divorce he applied is possible? [Moderator note: Your conversion does not need to be registered, and is not in any way related to your marriage. So your conversion is valid. I am not in a position to advise you about your marriage/divorce without more details of your situation and local law. I would advise you to seek local counsel regarding this question. May Allah give you strength and lighten your burden.]
—Guest babes

Ring and dowry enough?

I embraced Islam more than 10 yrs ago now. I met a Muslim man and he said that he will marry me. He gave me a ring and dowry and he said that he is marrying me through this way only. He said that if I accept him as my husband, then we are already married. I convinced myself that it is halal and accepted him as my husband. Is our marriage valid or not? [Moderator note: From your description, it sounds like two conditions of marriage are missing: two adult witnesses, and the consent of the bride's representative (wali) if this is your first marriage. I would advise you to seek advice from a local Islamic center to ensure the marriage is valid.]
—Guest sarah

No organized party?

I will be very glad to know whether my marriage will be valid without party organized during my wedding day as a Muslim? -Moderator Response: A public announcement of the marriage is required in Islam, but an organized party is optional. Your marriage will be valid without one, as long as your marriage is witnessed, a mahr is given, and it is announced.

New Muslim Stepdad

I am English and a non believer. My mother is a Christian who married a Muslim 5 months after meeting him. My family said it was too quick, but my mum has always been weak to men. He is never at home either uni or work (apparently) and while my mum is on a minimum wage job, he hardly ever contributes towards the household bills or food. My mum says he will when he has finished uni however I am finding it hard to believe that. When he is here he spends a lot of time on the phone to his "family" but never includes me, my mum, or my sister. I always see my mum upset because of the absence and her dreams are not her reality. I certainly do not trust him; I also believe he has another wife. Don't get me wrong, I have tried very hard to get to know him and make him feel welcome. However I can't see why he wants my mum unless it's just to stay in this country. Pleaseeeeee somebody help me or point me in the right direction - if not, at least share similar stories. Thanks, Tanzy
—Guest Tanzy

How to remarry if not divorced

I'm a convert to Islam, and not divorced from my ex-husband. We have been separated for 3 years. If I find the love of my life and we marry the Islamic way, is our marriage legal? Thnx.
—Guest aish

Is my Islamic marriage still recognized?

I"m Catholic and my ex husband is Muslim.We have a child together. We had an Islamic marriage and later a civil marriage. A year into our marriage things started to go sour. I wasn't aware he had a substance abuse problem that later turned into drug addiction. After a few years of my trying to help him with rehab etc, I finally gave up. I filed for civil divorce after 5 years of waiting for him to get his act together. He says we are still married according to Islamic law. Can you tell me if our Islamic contract is recognized in Massachusetts?

Married as Christians, want a divorce

Salam, I am from the Philippines, and have been married for 25 years under a civil contract. My husband decided to work in Saudi and converted as a Muslim. As a wife... He encouraged me to study and learn about Islam, which I did. I also converted with my husband as a witness, though I don't have any certificate regarding my conversion. Our marriage as any other relationship, is going thru a lot of trials and difficulties which in time has resulted in us falling out of love. We have tried to work it out for a long time, that is why we reached this 25th year, but really we don't feel love for each other anymore. My question is... Are we allowed to get an Islamic divorce, although we got married when we were both Christians and under civil marriage? What should we do so as to make our separation legal according to Islamic teachings? I am really confused regarding this. May you help enlighten me on this matter. Thank you May Allah (swt) bless you.
—Guest Saffiyah


Dowry doesn't necessarily have to be money, but anything with the value of money, as practiced by the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. in his marriage with Safiyyat.
—Guest Muhd

Need answers

My boyfriend is Muslim but I'm not. He is already married under New York law, but they have been separated for two years (married for fourteen). He wants to marry me in the Muslim faith. Is that possible?
—Guest jenny j

Fake gold for my Maher before marriage

my husband and his family are relegious but recently my husband left me and my two kids alone in a country and moved to US not for money reasons just to feel freedom he wants me to come there but its gonna take me time to get my papers and im alone with two babys only year old and less i just found out the gold he gave me for our marriage was fake gold i told him but he didnt care and hunged up what are my rights?
—Guest sarah

Advice Required

I have been married for nearly ten years. I have two children, I've never met my inlaws in a nice manner (they shout abuse at me in streets) but no other communication. My husband hides us away from them. Husband does not live with me or provide for me and kids maybe when he feels like being generous. I don't ever argue with him I just keep quiet. He only comes when he wants to come and do one thing. Everyone tells me I'm silly for not getting a divorce, but I love him and I've been waiting for him to change. I don't have any family support I only have a few friends. I'm not sleeping properly and kids are getting upset as well. I just don't know what to do anymore. If I ask him anything he says I'm giving him a headache, so I just remain quiet and give in to him. [Moderator advice: He will not change, especially as he has no incentive to change. You deserve better. There are grounds for divorce for the simple fact that he is not providing for you and the children. I repeat, you deserve better. Take a careful look at why you haven't demanded your rights from him. Do you feel trapped with nowhere to go, or friends/family for support? You are already living independently, it sounds like, so make it official and move on with your life, for your sake and your children. Marriage in Islam is not about getting what you want, without any responsibilities in return. He's mooching off you and will continue to do so, until you put your foot down.]
—Guest jk

Muslim Marriage

I am working in Saudi Arabia and I converted to Islam for almost 6 months..and my girlfriend converted also for almost 3 months. Both of us want to settle for good and we want to get married in Islam. My question is, we don't have a certificate that proves we are muslim or converted. What can we do so we can marry each other....
—Guest malek

Islamic marriage

Salam, I am a revert though I studied for many years before reverting but I am in a situation I am unsure. My mother is non muslim, doesn't follow any religion. I was introduced to a very nice man and for a couple weeks we talked a lot and even went on a few outings even though we knew it was haram, our intentions were good. Now we want to take the next step and make it the halal way by doing the Islamic marriage. Not live together though just allow us to see each other. We are very sure about each other already but still we need more time together. Firstly can we do the Islamic marriage only verbally with the 2 of us for it to be legit though we're not ready to announce it? Secondly, if things work out insha allah they will, can my mother be a witness and sign as I have no Muslim family and no close male family members. Some sheikh will not allow this I have been told? Can we do the official contract when we are ready after doing it verbally? Also can the mahr be altered to be more?
—Guest Anonymous

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Sample Islamic Marriage Contracts

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