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Readers Respond: Sample Islamic Marriage Contracts

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The process of signing an Islamic marriage contract is usually a private affair, involving only the immediate families of the bride and groom. Each party is responsible for determining contract "conditions" and the appropriate mahr (bridal gift). How much was your mahr? What conditions did you and your spouse add to the contract? Reading examples can help others when they are faced with this major decision.


I was converted as a Muslim. I'm married in Saudi Arabia with an Egyptian, but I'm still single in my country. We were married in court, now I'am applying for work in Saudi again. What marital status should I put in the Embassy of Saudi Arabia Consular Section. Please help. Thank you. [Moderator Note: You will need to show official paperwork regarding your marriage in order for it to be accepted at the Embassy. If you do not have official paperwork, you must put single. If you can obtain official records, then list married. Check with the Embassy directly to be sure.]
—Guest Jasmine

Marriage Contract Rights

My Marriage Contract has three stipulations: (1) Wife can drive cars and motorcycles without permission, (2) Wife can travel without permission, (3) Wife can work without permission. Marriage was done in Qatar Sharia Court. -Wife
—Guest Lacey Sloan

My Child

My so called ex-wife doesn't want me to see my child. She says that I must stay away from my baby and if I go to court she will take the baby and run. Please help me, what can I do? I really miss my baby girl and love her with all my heart. [Moderator Response: It is impossible to advise you without knowing your country's laws and the circumstances around your marriage, divorce, and custody arrangements. In Islam, both parents have the right to be part of their children's lives, and fathers have an obligation and a right to support their children. I suggest you discuss your situation with a family lawyer in your community who can advise you on custody and visitation enforcement. May Allah make it easier for you.]
—Guest mahomed shafee cassim

Muslim woman marrying a Christian man?

Hi, I'm a Moroccan Muslim woman (living for long time in Spain, but still without Spanish nationality) and I want to have a recognized Muslim marriage or mixed marriage in Morocco with a Non-Muslim (Christian) South African man... any way to make it true, please? [Moderator Response: Although I'm not familiar with Spanish or Moroccan law, it may be possible to register your marriage legally in those countries. However, it would not be a "recognized Muslim marriage" in a spiritual sense, as interfaith marriages are not allowed for Muslim women, according to the Quran and Islamic law.]
—Guest Nora

Conversion Documentation Required?

I am a new Muslim for almost 7 months and now me and my girl plan to get married in Islam. But we do not have our certificate of conversion. Is it possible for me and my girl to get married in Islam but I know for sure that we have records that we are converted. Thanks. [Moderator Response: This depends on your location, the local laws, and the policies of the Muslim officials in your area. If you are known to the mosque community, they may officiate at your wedding without the conversion documents. Others may require them. Please inquire locally.]
—Guest malek

Legality of an Islamic wedding

My husband and I have been married for over 16 years. We somehow lost communication for about 3 years due to infidelity issues (by him). Within this time he has impregnated another woman, who decided to convert to Islam with him just so they can be married. Can I sue them? Can this be considered a violation of my right as a woman? Guide Response: There are many issues here, so it will not be possible for one to answer your question without more information. Where do you live? Are you a Muslim? Are you still married, or divorced? In Islam, women have the right to divorce, and both abandonment and adultery are valid reasons.

To: Leigh Parker

I am in a similar position to you Leigh and am heartbroken after 35 years of marriage. I would like to share my experience and findings with you. The Australian authorities seem to lack knowledge and show ambivalence to this sort of thing. Are we able to exchange emails?
—Guest Elaine

Transferring Wali

My father passed away before one year, now my sister is going to marry. I'm the wali but working abroad, and I can't attend her Nikah. So how can I give my responsibilities to our father's brother?? What are the procedures for that?
—Guest firos

Court marriage?

I am a Christian who knows and understand Islam, staying in Louisiana and getting married to a Muslim from Nigeria. My fiance has been so good, caring, honest and a good listener. We're planning to solemnize our marriage soon, but he insisted on a traditional marriage without telling me why he doesn't want to go into a legal marriage wth me. Is a court marriage not acceptable in Islam? Or why is he refusing? Does that mean he doesn't love me?
—Guest winifred

I'm in love and want to marry, inshallah

I've met a convert Muslim woman who is legally seperated from her Christian husband who live in the Philippines. I'm also a convert to Islam and we have discussed getting married in the Islamic Tradition in the Philippines. I'll be coming from the USA to perform the marriage with her. I really would like to know if this possible? She left her husband because he was very abusive to her. We have agreed to get married; I just need to know if this marriage between us is possible and lawful in Islam. Thank you so much for assisting me, may Allah bless you.
—Guest Midniterun

Islamic Marriage Contracts

I was given no jewelry nor mahr except 20 dollars. No wedding party except at his aunt's house. His sister went with us and I didnt know a lot about Islam. Now that I am Muslim, I wish I'd have had these things. Make sure it is all in English as well.
—Guest aynur

Marriage & Other concerns

Good day, I am Filipino, a recent convert to Islam. Presently I have common partner for 5 yrs and we already have a 3 year old son now, and is planning to marry her bring her out of disgrace. My question is; 1. Am I still required to give mahr or dowry. 2. I have a previous marriage under the civil law, we do not have divorce in the Philippines and for personal and paternal reasons, I do not have any intention of doing so for the sake of our children. Can I still go through this second marriage? I have been supporting both of my families ever since, though it is very hard to do so as the Prophet (PBUH) said, by the grace of Allah, I was able to raise both at the same time and was able to provide their needs with not much of a burden on my side. Since I am working overseas, I can see both of my families for a month or so, once every year, alternately. For your comments. [Moderator Reply: It is best to speak personally with a knowledgable Islamic scholar about your specific circumstances. From what you have described, though, it seems that it would be acceptable to pursue your second marriage as long as you are able to fulfill your duties to both wives and uphold their rights upon you. Yes, you would need to give a mahr/dowry as part of the marriage requirements.]

Parental Consent

I have chosen a spouse, and asked for my mother's blessing as my father is not around. I have also consulted my older brother as my wali. My mother and the man's father are not in agreement about the marriage due to us being from different castes. Would it be wrong for us to go ahead without their blessing? Please advise. Thank you. [Moderator Reply: The "caste" concept is foreign to Islam, and thus should not factor at all when considering spouse suitability. If you have the approval of your older brother, as your Wali, then the marriage can go forward according to Islamic law. However, you need to consider and pray about this decision, as starting a young marriage without parental support is very difficult. You will need strength and patience.]
—Guest sajda

This is the right way

I really appreciate the way of marriage in the USA described by Umm Abdullah. Practicing Islamic rituals in the USA in the present time is great. This is how Islam was spread in the world. We should inspire others with our right actions and convert their minds to Islam. If we preach Islam orally and we are not practically implementing it, then it's useless. Rather, it has a negative effect on others. May Allah guide us to become practical Muslims. Aamin.
—Guest Smash

Marriage With No Written Contract?

Salam alaykum. I have a question about marriage... I had a relationship with a woman in the USA. She is Christian and I am Muslim. I asked her family to accept me to marry their daughter, and they accepted. We had a wedding. Only me, my wife, and her family and friends attending the wedding. It was without any written contract; we just announced that we were marreid. Would you please tell me if this type of marriage is considered halal or not? Please reply soon. [Moderator Reply: An Islamic marriage contract is valid even if it is not written; however all of the conditions must be fulfilled, including a mahr, witnesses, and a public announcement.]
—Guest osama
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