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Share Your Story: How I Became a Muslim

By M ike

My Path to Islam

During a difficult time in my life, a man at a business I frequented gave me some words of encouragement when I needed them most. He was from the Middle East and after I overcame my problems which he advised me on, I went to thank him but he had been transferred. I was never to see himn again. After thinking about the way he was, I researched and realized that he was of the faith of Islam. So with that I began to read the Koran and beliefs of Islam.

How I Did It:

I found a book of the Koran at the library and it was that simple. I bought a few copies and then got rid of them when I had too many arguments about having them. Then I left where I was and bought some more books until my faith in Islam carried me to where I am today.


  • Keeping on the right path is so difficult but important.
  • Having goals and going for them always.

Reaction From Non-Muslim Friends and Family Members

Mostly argue about religious beliefs to the point I can't make them agree.

Changes I Had to Make in My Life

Staying on the straight path is best. For my peace.


I am not sure about all the holidays, but I pray every day.

Finding a Mosque or Muslim Community

Islam is new to me. One day I will find a mosque.

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