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Reader Stories: How I Became a Muslim


People travel very different paths in their journey of faith, and for many people, that path leads to Islam. Read personal stories of how people have found their way to Islam.

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Family problems

My Mom's side of the family are Christian and Catholic. They've never been religious, only taking me to church occasionally on Christmas Eve. My dad's side of the family are all non-practicing Muslim…More

An "Indian" religion?

As a young adult I often felt something was "missing" but never could quite find out WHY... Went to Sunday School growing up, Youth as I got older. My friends were getting baptised... I didnt want th…More

Reach out

I'm still doing it. It'll never be done, meaning I know I could spend the rest of my life and not understand everything about Islam, except that it is perfect, as I am imperfect. After only a month, …More

Finding Answers in the Quran

In my senior year of high school I made a decision that I was going to read the Quran. I felt as though a book which guided so many people and influenced so many world events deserved my reading at t…More

Racist Turned Muslim

I first started asking my Muslim friends lots of questions. I considered them to be stupid questions but these questions needed to be asked. I started reading the Quraan like there was no tomorrow. I…More


How I found out about Islam was through a non-Muslim who was going to high school with me. He found out that there was another brother who was born muslim (same school). He never talked much about Is…More

Teenager in Malaysia

After being interested about Islam, I made the initiative to study more about Islam through videos, Islamic websites and many more. I have tried contacting local converts to seek advice. But all of t…More

Working in Qatar

I knew about Islam even before, it's just that I don't give that much time finding things about minorities. I used to pray a lot and ask for anything to God. Why? Before I always consider myself and …More

Reading and Learning

During 2012 researching Islam was like second nature to me; I found myself reading into it more and more. Not a day went by without reading about people's stories on reverting to Islam and what their…More

Anti-Islam Research Led Me to Islam

So I wanted to research the anti-Islam in my city and was dazed by Islam. I wanted to learn more about it. My friends encouraged me to convert because I loved it so I took shahadah a few months later…More

Teenage Convert From Atheism

I grew up Christian. When I was about twelve I converted to atheism, and now at fifteen I've decided to convert to Islam, after a friend of mine introduced me to the religion. I asked my dad for a co…More

Belonging to an Ummah

I went to meetings with other Muslims, and visited the Mosque, and researched Islam. After about a year or so, I decided to finally do the first Pillar of Islam- the Shahadah. I met up with some peop…More

Former Catholic Jew

I went to the local Mosque, where I knew many friends from school, and I made an appointment to convert to Islam. I said the Shahadah, with a pure heart in front of witnesses. I chose a new name: Ima…More

Excellent Tips for New Sisters

I kept reading about Islam, and became more and more interested and committed. I began to pray at home. I then decided time was right to go to the mosque. I tried to go in twice, but couldn't. On the…More

Not Accepted

I stopped praying with the verses that I was taught as they held no faith for me. I conversed with GOD and loved it. However, as time went on and the rebellion took hold, my conversations with GOD de…More

Pre-Teen Convert, Former Wiccan

A friend had told me about Islam, and how amazing it was. At first, I was skeptical. I had just gotten out of Wicca, and before that Christianity. Quitting two religions in three years? I was done wi…More

Speaking to your soul

Sometimes the answer becomes so clear. Sometimes something happens deep within that can't be explained. Even though you might have been introduced to Islam in such a simple way, but then a moment of …More

Hindu to Muslim

I studied Quran in Hindi and other Islamic books for three years and at last when I came to be clear about the scientific facts in Quran I was unable to live out of the boundary of Islam. So in the y…More

Words of Encouragement

I found a book of the Koran at the library and it was that simple. I bought a few copies and then got rid of them when I had too many arguments about having them. Then I left where I was and bought s…More

My Choice

It started by asking my Muslim friends about Islam and they told me every thing I needed to know. A friend brought me the Holy Quran to read and be sure of my decision. But at that time I already kne…More

Muslim Uncle; Grandmother's Reaction

In 1992, I took my shahadda. My grandmother was my main concern. When I told her, I thought I had to run for cover over the phone. But she didn't say anything until later when I got out of prison. Sh…More

Telling Mother Before Conversion

My journey to Islam was no ordinary journey. My story, I feel, was no accident. It was definitely God's will for me to have taken the paths I chose and establish the friendships I have today.Upon res…More

Attending Friday Prayers

I converted at a beautiful mosque and was surrounded by many sisters who welcomed me into Islam. I read the Quran, the hadiths, and the qudsi hadiths for guidance. I struggled at first with the five …More

Life After Alcohol and Marijuana

After going through so many problems in life and having marijuana issues as well as achohol, I grew tired of my life and began to study the Holy Quran on my own. The more I read, the more at peace I …More

Brahmin From Nepal

I was born in Lumbini, Nepal, within a strict Brahmin household. As a young man, I travelled to England and settled here. In this day and age it is quite illogical to be worshipping idols and I was u…More

Caring for Elderly and Orphans

It took me five months to make that great decision. I was reading Islamic books, especially on fiqh and sunnah. I have two Muslim brothers who really encouraged me and provided the books. I broke the…More

Islam Even After Divorce

I went to see the Imam and his wife offered to teach me as she was already a teacher at the Madressa. I started there and am currently busy with learning Arabic. I am so happy. I found what was missi…More

Working in Saudi Arabia

I read through all the books I collected, and contemplated if I was ready to embrace the Islamic religion by heart and action, and whether I was ready to face all the circumstances brought about by m…More

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