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Information about women's spiritual, social and economic status in Islam; articles of support and advice for Muslim women.

Women Named in the Quran
There is one woman mentioned by name in the Qur'an. Other women are discussed in the Qur'an, and we know their names from Islamic tradition.

Muslim Women in History
Despite the stereotypes, Muslim women have always played a vital role in the Muslim community, and not only in traditional roles. Early Muslim women served the community through scholarship, teaching, nursing, and other important activities.

Top Books About Muslim Women
In this collection of books about women in Islam, you will hear from the perspective of female Muslim authors: researching, evaluating, and sharing their stories and those of their sisters in faith.

What the Qur'an says about Mary, mother of Jesus
The Qur'an speaks of Mary (called Miriam in Arabic) not only as the mother of Jesus, but as a righteous woman in her own right. There is even a chapter of the Qur'an named for her (the 19th chapter of the Qur'an).

Muslim women speak out about the dangers of female circumcision (FGM).

Islamic Feminism Finds a Different Voice
"...If we in the West look carefully at what is actually going on in the Middle East, if we can see behind the veil, it is clear that Muslim women are working hard to improve themselves and their families, to live comfortably and peaceably in the world. In that struggle, they are utilizing elements of their own tradition and culture."

"Islamic Traditions & the Feminist Movement"
Academic article outlining issues of male/female status and roles.  How does feminism as understood by Westerners contrast with how Muslims perceive it?

Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights, a charitable and educational organization focused on U.S. and global issues of human rights for Muslims.

Pictures of Muslim Women
Photos of Muslim women from different parts of the world.

Qur'anic References on Women
A compilation of Qur'anic verses about women.

High-volume email list for Muslim women.  Site contains subscription information and rules.

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