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Gallery of Photos from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


To many people, Saudi Arabia is a land of mystery. Few westerners have an opportunity to visit the Kingdom, and only read or hear about the country from news reports. Saudis are private people, and until recently have not openly welcomed tourists. The foreigners who do come to the Kingdom are usually either expat workers or religious pilgrims, who come for a limited period of time and then return home. Many don't see the country outside the holy cities or the walls of their residential compounds. Here we would like to share a view of the "daily life" of Saudi Arabia, with its interesting array of traditional and modern, private and public. We move beyond the camels and veiled women so often portrayed, to get a look at how normal, everyday Saudi people go about their lives.
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Saudi Desert LandscapeEntering RiyadhKingdom Center, RiyadhFaisaliyah Center, Riyadh
Riyadh MosqueApartments and ShopsRiyadh Residential AreaSaudi Family Villa
Shared Villas for Extended FamilyVilla Privacy WallsMcDonald's in RiyadhWoman in Abaya
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