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Prayers During Meals

Daily Du'a


When eating, Muslims are to recognize that all of their blessings come from Allah. Muslims throughout the world say the same personal prayer (du'a) before and after meals. Unlike "grace" said before meals in many cultures and faiths, this prayer is not communal. Each individual, silently or quietly, says their own personal prayer whether eating alone or in a group.

Before Eating a Meal

Allahomma barik lana fima razaqtana waqina athaban-nar. Bismillah.
(Oh Allah! Bless the food You have provided us and save us from the punishment of the hellfire. In the name of Allah.)
Alternative: Bismillahi wa barakatillah. (In the name of Allah and with the blessings of Allah.)
Brief Alternative: Bismillah. (In the name of Allah.)

When Finishing a Meal

Alhamdulillah il-lathi at'amana wasaqana waja'alana Muslimeen. (Praise be to Allah Who has fed us and given us drink, and made us Muslims.)
Brief Alternative: Alhamdulillah. (Praise be to Allah.)

If One Forgets Before Beginning the Meal

Bismillahi fee awalihi wa akhirihi. (In the name of Allah, in the beginning and the end.)
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