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Learn How to Pray

Learn how to perform the Islamic daily prayers using the internet and multimedia


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When I embraced Islam and was first learning how to pray, I tried to learn from a little prayer booklet I found in a bookstore. It was the only way available to me. The internet had not yet become widely available (!), I didn't know any other Muslims, and I was not part of a Muslim community. I held the booklet as I prayed, and tried to pronounce the words and do the movements as described. I'm sure I made many mistakes, but I also trust that Allah knew my intentions and pray that He forgave my limitations.

Today, there is no need for you to bumble along with a prayer book. Interactive websites and software provide audio, slideshow, and video instruction on how to perform the Islamic prayers. You can listen to the Arabic pronunciation, and follow along step-by-step with the movements of the prayer.

Websites/Software to Learn the Prayers:

  • Learn How to Pray - Arab Academy presents each of the Muslim prayers individually in an interactive audio/video format. An animated figure shows the positions of prayer, while a speech bubble shows the Arabic words of the prayer with English translation. A voice-over recites the words of the prayer, and an icon keeps track of the cycles of prayer. A very complete and easy-to-follow multimedia presentation of the prayers.

  • The Right Way to Pray - IslamicFinder presents the Muslim prayer on this informative, interactive webpage. This site provides more introductory text which may be educational for some but distracting to others. One may repeat certain parts of the prayer, or proceed to the next stage. A comprehensive tutorial on the Muslim prayer.

  • How Do I Pray - This animated tutorial runs through each of the daily Muslim prayers, with audio in Arabic, and text in both English and transliterated Arabic (to help you learn the Arabic words). Intended for beginners, it does not include a lot of explanation or variation. While you're learning, you can open this on your computer and follow along while you pray. Also comes in a downloadable version.
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