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Issues concerning Muslim parents: pregnancy, adoption, naming your child, advice, education, discipline, etc.
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  3. Education
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Islamic Birth Rites
Upon the birth of a child, certain rites are common among Muslims such as reciting the call to prayer, circumcision, and breastfeeding the child.

Family Planning in Islam
How do Muslims engage in family planning? Is it allowed in Islam to use contraception, seek fertility treatment, etc.?

Adoption in Islam
An orphan himself, Muhammad paid special attention to the care of children. He himself adopted a former slave and raised him with the same care as if he were his own son. However, the Qur'an gives specific rules about the legal relationship between a child and his/her adoptive family.

What Does Islam Say About Gender Selection?
What does Islam say about gender selection, using reproductive technologies to select either a male or female child?

Muslim Woman Gives Birth to Septuplets
In 2001, a Muslim woman from Virginia gave birth to septuplets - five boys and two girls - in the world's third septuplet birth in which all babies survived.

Breastfeeding - Nurturing Your Child
Sister Mildred El-Amin looks at Islam's position on breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding - Practical Information
La Leche League is an non-religious organization of mothers who promote breastfeeding education.  They offer practical advice and factual information for those who are breastfeeding.  It's not as easy as it looks!

Family Bed in Islam
Author Maria Hussain contends, "In practice, a Muslim baby should sleep with its parents, especially while still breastfeeding."

Family Planning
Are family planning and contraception allowed in Islam?  What methods and under what circumstances?

Advice for fathers on how to be more involved with their families.

Islam and Infertility
Support, information, and guidance for Muslims suffering from infertility.

After the birth of a child, Muslim parents often host an aqiqah or welcoming celebration for the baby.

Breastfeeding in Islam
Islam teaches that breastfeeding is the natural way to feed a young child.

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