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Country Flags Featuring The Crescent Moon


There are several Muslim countries that feature the crescent moon and star on their national flag, although the crescent moon is not generally considered to be a symbol of Islam. Even more have used the symbol previously in history, but the color, size, orientation, and design features continue to vary widely from country to country. It is also interesting to note the diversity of the countries represented.
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Flag of AlgeriaAlgeriaFlag of AzerbaijanAzerbaijanFlag of ComorosComorosFlag of MalaysiaMalaysia
Flag of the MaldivesThe MaldivesFlag of MauritaniaMauritaniaFlag of PakistanPakistanFlag of TunisiaTunisia
Flag of TurkeyTurkeyTurkmenistan FlagTurkmenistanUzbekistan FlagUzebekistan
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