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Muslim Countries of the World

Information and resources on individual Muslim countries, from Afghanistan to Yemen.
  1. Indonesia (3)
  2. Iraq (4)
  3. Palestine (12)
  4. Saudi Arabia (9)

Who Are the Uyghur Muslims in China?
Information and background about the Uyghur Muslims living in Xianjiang province (or Xianjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region) in China.

Crescent Moon Symbol
There are several Muslim countries that feature the crescent moon symbol on their national flag, although the crescent moon is not generally considered to be a symbol of Islam.

World's Muslim Population
Where in the world do Muslims live? Find statistics about the Muslim population of the world.

Where do Muslims live?
While Islam is often associated with the Arab world, fewer than 15% of Muslims are actually Arab. Here you can find additional statistics about the diverse Muslim population of the world, now numbering nearly one-fifth of humanity.

Flags of the Muslim World - Crescent Moon Symbol
There are several Muslim countries that currently feature the crescent moon and star symbol on their national flag.

Photo Submission Guidelines
Submit your photo of the Muslim World to appear in About.com's Islam photo galleries.

Lal Masjid - Pakistan's Red Mosque
Complete profile and background information about Pakistan's Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Islamabad.

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