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Mecca (Makkah)

Islam's holiest city, in modern-day Saudi Arabia
  1. Pilgrimage (Hajj)

Visit Mecca
Whether you are traveling for a pilgrimage (umrah or hajj), or simply making a stop through, Mecca is a city of significant religious and historical significance to Muslims. Here is a list of must-see sites in and around the city of Mecca. Most of these sites are official stops during pilgrimage, while others may take you off the beaten path.

Why Are Only Muslims Allowed in Makkah?
Makkah and Madinah are cities of great importance in Islamic tradition -- centers of pilgrimage and prayer. By law, only Muslims are allowed to enter these cities.

The Ka'aba
Description and history of the Ka'aba, the cube structure in Mecca that is the center of the Muslim world.

The Spring of Zamzam in Mecca
The well of Zamzam in Mecca, Saudi Arabia provides natural spring water to the millions of pilgrims who perform Hajj every year.

Makkah City
Extensive overview of the city of Mecca/Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Includes information on the city's geography/topography, history, the Grand Mosque, expansion over the years, nearby mountains, climate, and more.

Pictures of Mecca
Pictures of the holiest site in the Muslim world, the Great Mosque and Ka'aba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Aerial Views of the Holy City of Makkah
Aerial photos of the city of Mecca/Makkah, Saudi Arabia and the Grand Mosque located there

What is Umrah, and how is it different from traveling for Hajj?

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