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Law & Fatwas

Information and resources about Islamic law (Shari'ah), crime and punishment, fatwas, and schools of thought.
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What is a "Fatwa"?
What is a fatwa? Who is authorized to give one, and must all Muslims follow it?

Sources of Islamic Law
Islamic law is based upon four main sources: the Qu'ran itself, the Sunnah or practices of the Prophet Muhammad; Ijma' or the consensus of Muslim scholars; and Qiyas or new case law decided upon by Shari'ah judges.

Blood Money in Islam
In Islam, the concept of Diyyah (blood money) is a way for victims to be compensated and have a voice in the sentencing of criminals.

Ask the Imam
Fatwa service based out of South Africa

Comprehensive fatwa service, with postings arranged by category & answered by any of nine different shaikhs

Fatwa Online
Over two dozen scholars give Islamic guidance on questions of faith and practice.

Questions & Answers
Your questions are answered by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid.  Searchable database of previous questions, about all aspects of Islamic faith and practice.

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