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Top 3 Islamic Clip Art Software


Create beautiful designs, web pages, and publications with these clip art resources. These CD's include Arabic calligraphy, geometrical patterns, photographs, patterns, borders, and symbols.

1. Islamica Clipart 1

From Soundvision, this CD includes beautiful and unique artwork, calligraphy of Islamic phrases and Qur'an verses, Arabic letters and numbers, geometrical patterns, and symbols.

2. Islamica Photo CD-ROM

More than 100 beautiful photos, taken by professional photographers. Includes photos of mosques in 15 countries, traditional Islamic architecture, art, and daily life in the Muslim world.

3. IslamiClip Calligraphic Designs

From Sakkal Design, 33 beautiful calligraphic images in EPS format. This collection of high quality computer clip art is professionally drawn from traditional sources.
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