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Muslims With Disabilities

Islamic resources for Muslims with disabilities


A disabled Muslim man in a wheelchair during the annual Hajj.

A disabled Muslim man in a wheelchair during the annual Hajj.

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Blind Muslims read the Quran in Indonesia, via Braille and large-print

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Muslims who have physical disabilities, but are of sound mind, participate in all aspects of Islamic life. Adaptations may be made for prayer, Islamic resources have been made available in alternative forms, and many different Islamic resources are available to help. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, Muslims with disabilities often feel marginalized and disengaged from Muslim community life.

Islamic Teachings: Why has Allah created people with disabilities?
Is disability a punishment or test from Allah? What is the responsibility of Muslim society towards those with disabilities?

Advocating for the Rights of People With Disabilities: From the Teachings of the Holy Quran and Sweet Sunna
This article uses examples from the Quran and the life of the Prophet Muhammad, to encourage Muslims to embrace and support people with disabilities.

Disabled Muslims Yahoo! Group
This online, members-only Yahoo! Group is dedicated to Muslims with disabilities, their friends and family, and those who are interested in disability affairs and Islam.

Disability and the Muslim Perspective: An Introduction for Rehabilitation and Health Care Providers
This academic paper, written by the Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange (CIRRIE), is directed at doctors and disability service providers. The goals is to share knowledge about Islamic culture and attitudes toward disability and treatment options, so that these professionals may offer more effective services.

Singapore Program for Disabled Muslims
This center offers customized educational programs for Muslims with all types of special needs, including classes in Islamic ethics/manners, fiqh, Islamic history, reading Quranic Braille, and Islamic Terminology in Sign Language. Other programs are offered in self-management skills, self-development, and training for special needs teachers.

A Canadian organization dedicated to supporting Muslim children and youth who have a disability.

Islamic Schools - Guidelines for Students With Disabilities
This document contains general guidelines and suggestions for Islamic schools, to make the classroom a more accessible and inclusive place.

Disability Organizations in Muslim Countries
Mobility International provides this list of disability organizations, who may be contacted for help finding local disability-related resources in Muslim countries.

Physical Disabilities and Prayer
The Quran describes believers as: "men who celebrate the praises of Allah standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides..." Muslims who have difficulty performing the movements of the daily prayer are welcome to make adjustments to the prayer positions as needed.

Masjid Umar (Leicester, UK)
This mosque in the UK0 offers outreach programs for disabled Muslims. Accessibility is part of the masjid's design and mission.

Access for Muslims With Disabilities
This news article outlines efforts being made by Muslims to gain physical access to mosques in the U.S., in accordance with the American With Disabilities Act (ADA). Why do so many disabled Muslims feel unwelcome in U.S. mosques?

Qur'an in Braille, Arabic
Published by The King Fahd Qur'an Printing Complex. This site contains contact information to make a request. Also available is a free monthly Islamic newsletter in Braille, called Al-Fajar ("The Dawn").

Guide Dogs?
A UK mosque makes accomodation for a Muslim worshipper and his seeing-eye dog, after the Muslim Council (Sharia) Council UK issued a fatwa to clarify the issue.

Arabic Sign Language
Photos and graphics show some common words as signed in Arabic Sign Language (KSL).

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