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Top 4 Hajj Documentaries


Although the city of Makkah is closed to non-Muslim visitors, several media agencies in recent years have filmed the Hajj for a wider audience. Witness the Hajj experience yourself through these enlightening documentaries.

1. ABC's Nightline: The Hajj

Hosted by American Muslim journalist, Michael Wolfe, with commentary by Ted Koppel (23 minutes)

2. National Geographic: Inside Mecca

With typical National Geographic quality, this insightful documentary explores the holy city and its historic importance, while explaining the rituals behind the Hajj pilgrimage.

3. CNN: Hajj 2000

For CNN, Riz Khan and Rula Amin bring you the story from Makkah.

4. Performing Hajj: A Visual Guide

When a group of pilgrims planned to do Hajj in 2006, they invited a recognized scholar to deliver a series of lectures to help prepare them for the journey. The scholar, Imam Tahir Anwar of California, then accompanied the group on their pilgrimage. This DVD includes information from the lectures, along with footage of the pilgrimage experience. DVD chapters include Hajj preparation, departure, ihram (clothing), rites of Hajj, and more.
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