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Islamic Clothing Definition: Abaya


Islamic Clothing Definition: Abaya

Many women in Saudi Arabia still wear the traditional abaya with full head and face covering, although some women choose now to leave off the face cover. Non-Muslim women wear the abaya but are not expected to cover their heads and faces.

Huda, About.com Guide to Islam
Definition: An outer garment worn by women in some parts of the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia. It is long-sleeved, floor-length, and is worn from either the shoulder or the top of the head. The abaya is worn over street clothes when a woman leaves her home, and is designed to be loose and flowing, hiding the "curves" of the body. The abaya usually opens in the front, with overlapping layers or closing with snaps, ties, or a zipper. The abaya is worn with a scarf which covers the hair, and perhaps a veil which covers the face.
Pronunciation: a-buy-a
Also Known As: In some countries, a similar garment is known as a chador or burka.
When Layla left the house, she wore an abaya over her jeans and blouse.
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