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Top 6 Islamic Magazines and Journals


While many people enjoy searching the web and reviewing the extensive content online, others would prefer to sit in their favorite chair and read a print magazine or newspaper. If you fall into this category, these Islamic publications are for you. When available, we have included subscription information and a link to their website. Subscription prices may vary depending on location (overseas subscriptions are generally more; student rates or free sample copies are sometimes available). All publications are in English.

1. Al-Jumuah

Al-Jumuah is a warm, inviting, glossy monthly Islamic magazine that is written for Muslims worldwide. This leading magazine has a global readership of 100,000. Articles include Islamic scholarship, practices, and contemporary issues. Twelve issues/year for £37.80

2. Islamic Horizons

Bi-monthly magazine of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). $24.00/year within USA; Canadian and overseas subscriptions available.

3. Azizah Magazine

A unique publication focused on Muslim women in North America. Published quarterly in a heavy, glossy format. Publisher strives to be "a catalyst for empowerment." Heavy focus on successful Muslim women, their experiences and perspectives, and issues facing Muslim women throughout the world. $30 for an annual subscription.

4. Muslim Girl Magazine

Launched in 2007, this publication taps into the spirit and energy of modern Muslim girls. Articles range from college/career choices to hijab fashion advice. Introductory price of $19.99 for an annual subscription (6 issues).

5. Journal of Islamic Studies

The Journal of Islamic Studies is a multi-disciplinary publication dedicated to the scholarly study of all aspects of Islam and of the Islamic world. This is an academic journal; a personal subscription is 3 issues/year for $88. Or check your local/university library.

6. Al-Hujjaj Magazine

South African publication focusing on Hajj (pilgrimage) travel, and the unity of Muslims that this experience strives to promote. A full color magazine printed on glossy A4 paper, with 4 issues per year. $48 for international subscriptions.
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