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Resources for expanding your education in Islam
  1. Islamic Schools K-12 (5)
  2. Multimedia/Online (5)
  3. University (12)

Girls' Education in Islam
What does Islam say about girls' education?

Islamic Magazines and Journals
Many print publications for Muslims can be delivered directly to your regular mailbox! Includes subscription and contact information for magazines and journals.

Teacher Resources About Islam
The following organizations have the resources and expertise to help you round out your curriculum with information about Muslims and the Muslim world. Check for curriculum guides, books for all ages, and more teacher resources.

Books for Teachers
These resources can help you introduce your students to the faith of Islam and the Muslim world. Whether part of a social studies unit, or a celebration of your school's diversity, these books will enhance your curriculum.

The Terrorist
What is the controversy regarding Caroline Cooley's young adult novel, _The Terrorist_?

Islamic Education
The December 1997 (Sha'aban 1416 H.) issue of Insight magazine (Australia) is dedicated to Islamic Education. It contains several excellent articles on its definition, range, and importance.

Council on Islamic Education
Since 1991, the Council on Islamic Education has provided curriculum assistance, lesson plans, and handbooks on teaching about Islam and Muslims in the public school classroom. In 2007, CIE expanded its focus and is now operating as the Institute on Religion and Civic Values.

Arab World and Islamic Resources (AWAIR) provides quality materials and services for educators who wish to teach about the Arab World and Islam from elementary to the pre-college level. AWAIR's goal is to increase awareness and understanding of this world region and this world faith through educational outreach. AWAIR's Educator Network includes 10,000 teachers and librarians across the United States.

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