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Online Islamic Clothing Stores

List of stores that sell Islamic clothing online


Many Muslims buy their clothing while travelling in the Muslim world, or sew their own. But the Internet is now allowing Muslims from all over the world ready access to a growing number of online Islamic clothing stores. These stores offer clothing for Muslim men, women, and children such as hijab, abaya, jilbab, niqab, shalwar khamiz, thobes, etc.

This list is offered for informational purposes, in alphabetical order, with no guarantees of quality. Please check each company personally before ordering.


Provides modern, modest and stylish fashions that preserve the Islamic identity - based in California.

Al-Hannah Islamic Clothing

Based in the U.S. – great selection of imported clothing, accessories, and gifts.

Canadian Muslim

Clothing, jewelry and accessories for sale, and educational resources on how to wear the hijab.

Complete Hijab

Custom-made, unique clothing for Muslim women. Designs include: jilbab and abayah, chador, dupatta, khimar, niqab, shalwar kameez, poncho, etc. in addition to other multicultural Islamic designs. Free FedEx delivery.

Desert Store

Islamic clothing from the Gulf region, Bedouin jewelry and household decor, even Arabian horse costumes! Based in Saudi Arabia.

Hijab Al-Muminat

Another U.S.-based online shop, spun off from a successful E-bay business. Offers a wide range of Islamic women's clothing including hijabs (scarves and shaylas), Turkish jilbabs, and hijab accessories (including underscarves and arm sleeve covers/gauntlets).

Imaan Collections

UK-based contemporary Islamic clothing designs for the "Urbane Girl," "Cosmo Girl" and "Glamour Girl."

My Hijab Shop

In addition to hijabs, this site carries other trendy and cute fashion for the younger Muslimah.

Primo Modo

Stylish yet modest women’s and maternity clothes in the U.S.

Shukr Islamic Clothing

SHUKR is a high quality producer of Islamic clothing for men, women and children. Famous for creating unique designs, SHUKR introduces contemporary styled Islamic clothing for a new generation.
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