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Islamic Dietary Law

What can Muslims eat? Includes: halal vs. haram, alcohol, pork, zabiha meat, slaughtering laws, food additives, and more

Halal Eating and Drinking
Muslims follow a set of dietary laws which are outlined in the Qur'an. Everything is permitted (halal), except what God specifically prohibited (haram). Muslims do not consume pork or alcohol, and follow a humane process for the slaughter of animals for meat. Within these rules, there is wide variation among the eating habits of Muslims around the world.

Halal Certification
Halal certification is a process by which a credible Islamic organization certifies that a company's products can be lawfully consumed by Muslims. Despite the challenges, hundreds of organizations offer certification services.

Islamic Dietary Law
Basic information about Islamic dietary law, including the prohibition against alcohol and pork, and Islamic slaughtering methods.

Halal Food - Reading Labels
Most Muslims know to look out for pork, alcohol, and gelatin. But can we eat products that contain ergocalciferol or glycerol stearate? How to check food labels to ensure compliance with Islam's dietary laws.

Halal Eating and Drinking During Travel
When Muslims are traveling, it is sometimes difficult to follow Islamic rules about eating and drinking. Here are some tips for halal eating on the road.

Halal McNuggets a Hit in Detroit
Halal McNuggets are so popular in Detroit, McDonald’s has expanded the idea to other restaurants. Detroit reportedly has the largest population of ethnic Arabs outside of the Middle East.

Dates in Ramadan
Why do Muslims eat dates during Ramadan? An answer from the About.com Guide to Middle Eastern Food.

Arabian Cuisine - Cookbook
A review of the cookbook Arabian Cuisine, by Anne Marie Weiss-Armush

Cookbooks: Food from the Muslim World
These cookbooks feature simple yet delicious recipes from the Muslim world.

Review - "Arabian Cuisine" Cookbook
Your Guide reviews this best-selling cookbook, which offers a great variety of traditional recipes.

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