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U.S. Presidential Elections 2012 - Muslim Voter Information

Candidates and issues from a Muslim perspective


Muslim Man Holding American Flag at Peace Rally

Muslim Man Holding American Flag at Peace Rally

Erik S. Lesser / Getty Images
In this 2012 Muslim Voter Guide, you can find information relating to Muslims and election races nationwide, links to Muslim voter organizations, and key issue positions of the main presidential candidates.

Presidential Candidates

Where do the current Presidential candidates stand on issues of importance to the American Muslim community? How has anti-Islamic rhetoric been used in the campaign process?

What Are Muslim Voters Like?

Muslims in the U.S. have proved to be a highly-educated, family-oriented, and diverse group of voters. Muslim voters largely identify themselves as either Independent or Democrat, and are as yet undecided about their presidential picks. To date, no presidential candidate has been officially "endorsed" by a Muslim voting bloc.

Other Muslim Voter Websites

Register to Vote!

  • Within the U.S. - Register early to ensure that you can vote in this year's election! Many states allow you to register by mail.

  • U.S. Citizens Outside the U.S. - Have you made Hijrah to another country? American citizens over the age of 18 can still register and vote in the federal elections, even from abroad. Here's how.

  • Why Muslims Should Vote and be Involved Politically - Some Muslims believe that it is improper or impermissible for Muslims to be involved in the politics of non-Muslim nations. This article from the American Islamic Information Center outlines the religious and moral reasons why Muslims can and should be active in the political process wherever they live.

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