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Convert or Revert to Islam?


Definition: Convert is the English word most often used for one who embraces a religion after being raised in another faith. A common definition of the word "convert" is to "change from one religion or belief to another."

Muslims believe that all people are born with a natural faith in God. According to Islam, children are born with an innate sense of God, which is called the fitrah. Therefore, some people see conversion to Islam as a "return" back to this original, pure faith. For this reason, many Muslims prefer to say that they have "reverted," rather than converted to Islam. A common definition of the word "revert" is to "return to a former condition or belief."

Both terms are commonly used to describe those who embrace Islam as adults, after having been raised in or practicing a different faith system.

Also Known As: convert, revert

Examples: After studying Islam for two years, Kathleen decided to revert to the faith of Islam.

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