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Top 5 Islamic Calendars for Home & Office


The lunar Islamic calendar does not correspond directly with the solar calendar. To avoid confusion, many Muslims refer to a dual-date calendar: with both Gregorian dates and the anticipated Islamic dates. These calendars are functional, and beautiful to display at home or work.

Longing for the Divine 2014 Calendar

Andalusian Arts

A beautiful gift idea, this wall calendar is a favorite every year! The 2014 calendar includes photographs from around the Muslim world, both its natural beauty and Islamic architecture. Includes appropriate quotations, dual dates (Hijrah and Gregorian), lunar phases, and holidays. Twelve months (January - December 2014).

Al-Anwar Islam Around the World 2014 Calendar

Al-Anwar Designs

This twelve-month calendar features beautiful color photographs and detailed information about mosques found around the world.

Salma Arastu's 2014 Islamic Calendar


2014 calendar with corresponding 1435-1436 Hijrah dates, decorated with Arabic calligraphy paintings by Islamic artist Salma Arastu. The theme for this year's calendar is: "Hope and Peace"

Mosques of the World 2014 Calendar

Dar-us-Salam Publications

Colorful calendar to display in your home or office, featuring paintings of mosques from around the world. Includes Islamic dates interwoven with a traditional Gregorian calendar. Covers September 2013-December 2014. Includes a free bonus CD of Qur'an recitation with each purchase.

Ayaat-A-Day: A Lifetime Quranic Calendar

A desk calendar for any year, with over 400 inspirational quotes from the Qur'an. Each page includes the date, but not the day of the week, so the calendar can be used any year.

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