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Top 4 Islamic Business Books


Today's business world is steeped in corporate scandal, CEO mismanagement, and lack of ethics. These titles explore ideas of Islamic finance, business, and economics. Why is interest prohibited in Islamic banking? How do ethics govern the Muslim business world? How are contracts negotiated? These questions are explored in these top choices of Islamic business books.

1. Islamic Business Ethics, by Rafik I. Beekun

This book discusses management from an Islamic point of view, to help Muslim business leaders act in accordance with the Islamic system of ethics.
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2. Leadership: An Islamic Perspective, by Rafik I. Beekun & Jamal Badawi

A practical manual for developing leadership skills, based in modern business practice and traditional Islamic knowledge. Authors are two well-respected scholars on Islam.
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3. Banking Without Interest, by Muhammad N. Siddiqui

Explore the idea that banks can operate on the basis of profit-sharing, without fixed interest payments.
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