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Islamic Beliefs & Worship


Islam is a major world religion, with over 1 billion followers worldwide (1/5 of the world population). Here you can find basic information about the faith, including what Muslims believe, how the faith is practiced in daily life, where Muslims live, and common misconceptions about the faith.
  1. Basics
  2. Common Misconceptions
  3. Articles of Faith
  4. Pillars of Practice
  5. The Qur'an


General information about Islam, including basic information about the faith and a glossary of common terms.

Common Misconceptions

There is a lot of erroneous information floating around regarding the faith of Islam: that Muslims worship a moon god or a black stone; that Islam degrades women; that Muslims are all violent terrorists; etc. Here we set the record straight.

Articles of Faith

Muslims believe in six main articles of faith, which outline their beliefs in God, prophets, books of revelation, angels, the hereafter, and destiny.

Pillars of Practice

Muslims observe five formal acts of worship, which are called the five pillars of Islam. Based on the foundation of faith, the pillars of Islam help build and structure a Muslim’s daily life.

The Qur'an


The central holy text of Islam is the Qur'an. Muslims believe that the words of the Qur'an were directly revealed by God, through the Prophet Muhammad. The Qur'an is a source of inspiration and guidance to Muslims, filled with reminders of God's mercy and blessings, warnings of punishment for wrongdoers, stories of ancient peoples and the lessons they learned, and instructions for daily living.

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