1. Religion & Spirituality
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Basic Beliefs

What do Muslims believe? Islamic teachings about God (Allah), prophets, books of revelation, angels, heaven and hell, destiny and free will, and the creation of earth.
  1. Afterlife (7)
  2. Angels (1)
  3. Books of Revelation (2)
  4. Common Misconceptions (5)
  5. Creation (4)
  6. Destiny & Free Will (1)
  7. Divisions & Splinter Groups (7)
  8. Glossary (17)
  9. God / Allah (7)
  10. Interfaith Issues (10)
  11. Prophets

Free Literature About Islam
To learn more about Islam without buying paying a lot of money for books, contact these organizations to obtain free literature about the faith.

Introductory Books About Islam
Learn more about the Islamic faith through these introductory books, personally recommended by your About.com Guide to Islam.

Definition and Spelling: "Muslim"
What is a "Muslim?" Why is the word sometimes spelled "moslem?"

Free Literature About Islam
Looking for some basic information about Islam? These organizations will send you English translations of the Qur'an, booklets, and brochures free of charge.

Books for Teachers
These resources can help you introduce your students to the faith of Islam and the Muslim world. Whether part of a social studies unit, or a celebration of your school's diversity, these books will enhance your curriculum.

Sin in Islam
What does Islam teach about sin, and what is considered a sin in Islam?

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Five Matters
The Prophet Muhammad advised us to take advantage of these five matters each and every day.

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