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Muslim Names for Boys

How to choose a meaningful name for your Muslim baby boy


When choosing a name for a boy, Muslims have several choices. It is recommended to name a boy in a way that indicates service to God, by using 'Abd in front of one of God's Names. Other possibilities include the names of Prophets, names of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, or other male names which have a good meaning. There are also some categories of names which are prohibited to use for Muslim children.

Names That Indicate "Service to God"

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When one puts 'Abd in front of one of God's Names, the resulting name means "one who is in service to God." Thus 'Abdullah is "in service to Allah," 'Abdul-Rahman is "in service to The Compassionate One," and 'Abdul-'Aziz is "in service to The Mighty One." Any of the Names of God can be included in such a way, and these are among the most highly-recommended Muslim names for boys.

Prophets' Names

It is also recommended to honor God's prophets and messengers by naming Muslims boys after them. There are twenty-five prophets mentioned by name in the Qur'an. The name "Muhammad" is reportedly the most common given name in the world.

Prohibited Names

There are a few names which are forbidden or strongly discouraged when naming your Muslim child.

Other Muslim Boys' Names A-Z

Aside from the above recommended names, it is also possible to give a boy any name, in any language, which carries a good meaning. Here's an alphabetical list of names for Muslim boys.
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