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Raihan Albums

Malaysia's Popular Muslim Singing Group


Singing group Raihan has topped the charts in Malaysia, popular among both Muslim and non-Muslim listeners. Their debut album, Puji-Pujian, was released in 1996 and immediately went Platinum. Following the death of founding member Azhari Ahmad in 2001, Raihan re-grouped and has continued to release new albums. Raihan has performed for Queen Elizabeth, and has toured in North America, France, the UK, South Africa, and throughout the Muslim world.

The name, Raihan, means "Fragrance From Heaven." Raihan pioneered modern nasheed and introduced the music to a world-wide audience.

1. Puji-Pujian

Raihan's debut album, which remains the highest-selling album in the history of the Malaysian music industry.

2. Syukur

In this popular Malaysian group's second release, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) is featured in the song "God is Light."  Title track "Syukur" means "Thankfulness."  Other songs include "Thank You Allah" and "25 Rasul."

3. Senyum

This album, meaning "Smile," features eleven songs in Arabic and Malay.

4. Demi Masa

Raihan's fourth album was completed and scheduled for release just days before the death of group member Azhari Ahmad, may Allah have mercy on him.

5. Maafkan


6. Gema Alam


7. Allahu


8. Ameen


9. Bacalah

Raihan's third compilation album, featuring 16 new and previously-released songs.

10. Tawakkal

unknown date

11. Salawat


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