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Islamic History - About.com
The history of Islamic civilization, from the Prophet Muhammad's time to the present.
Baghdad in Islamic History - About.com
During the Golden Age of Islamic civilization, the city of Baghdad was the global center of education and scholarship.
Women in Islam - Female Companions of the Prophet Muhammad
Women in Islamic History ... Despite the stereotypes, Muslim women have always played a vital role in the Muslim ... Muslim women look to them as role models.
Islam in America During the Slavery Years - About.com
Islam has a long history in America. There were many Muslims among the slaves brought to the U.S. from Africa.
The Dead Sea in Islamic Tradition - About.com
The Dead Sea is known as a place of healing, but according to Islamic ... Homosexuality in Islam · The Dead Sea - Ancient History · Profile of the Dead Sea - ...
The Satanic Verses in Islamic History - Middle East Issues - About.com
Sep 21, 2008 ... An explanation of the Satanic verses in Islamic history (as opposed to "The Satanic Verses" by Salman Rushdie): What were the verses, why ...
Ethiopia - Historical Setting - Ethiopia and the Early Islamic Period
Online text of the History of Ethiopia; public domain document that you may copy, download, print and distribute as you see fit. Page Four: Ethiopia and the Early ...
Islam and Women's History - Women in the Muslim World
Are women better off under Islam than under Western culture? These are important questions not only for women's history, but for understanding the news today.
The Prophet Hud - History of Islam - About.com
A profile of the Prophet named Hud, according to Islamic teachings - including his life, his people, his message, and his story according to the Qur'an.
The History of Islam in Africa - African History - About.com
The Islamic faith and Muslims have played a crucial role in the development of Africa, not only in North Africa and West Africa where it is still the dominant ...
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