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Baghdad in Islamic History - About.com
During the Golden Age of Islamic civilization, the city of Baghdad was the global center of education and scholarship.
History of Iraq: Timeline of Events, 6750 BCE - 2004 CE
History of Iraq: this chronology lists some of the major events which have ... of a descendant of the Umayyad family) and moved the capital to Baghdad in Iraq.
The Baghdad Battery - Ancient/Classical History - About.com
The first known battery in the world may have been created in a Parthian settlement called Khujut Rabu, near Baghdad. Known as the Baghdad Battery, the jar ...
Iraq - Historical Setting - The Ottoman Period ... - Medieval History
Online text of the History of Iraq; public domain document that you may copy, ... The Safavids reconquered Baghdad in 1623 under the leadership of Shah Abbas  ...
Iraq - Historical Setting - The Abbasid Caliphate ... - Medieval History
Online text of the History of Iraq; public domain document that you may copy, ... In 750, Abd al Abbas (not a Shia) was established in Baghdad as the first caliph ...
Iraq - Historical Setting - World War I and the ... - Medieval History
Online text of the History of Iraq; public domain document that you may copy, ... in southwest Turkey to Baghdad in 1899 and from Baghdad to Basra in 1902.
Largest Cities Through History - Geography - About.com
Tertius Chandler's compilation of the population of cities throughout history, Four Thousand Years of ... Baghdad, Iraq, 775, First over 1 million; 700,000 (800).
Harun Al-Rashid - Abbasid Caliph Profile - Medieval History - About ...
The fifth Abbasid caliph, Harun al-Rashid and his fabulous court at Baghdad are immortalized in The Thousand and One Nights.
Iraq Facts and History - Asian History - About.com
Facts and history of Iraq, formerly known as Mesopotamia, a cradle of human civilization that has seen ... Boys jump into the Tigris River at Baghdad, Iraq.
Iraq War Definitions: Baghdad - Global Terrorism - About.com
Baghdad, a central location in the Iraq war, is one of the world's oldest cities and home to one of its newest conflicts. ... Your Guide to the History of Terrorism.
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