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Live Hajj Video Coverage on Saudi TV

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Live Hajj Video Coverage on Saudi TV

Nearly three million Muslim pilgrims gather for the annual Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah) each year. The massive numbers of pilgrims is an amazing sight that must be seen to be believed - how the streets and valley are filled as far as the eye can see, yet movement is orderly and peaceful. Watch live Saudi TV coverage of the Hajj in English (channel KSA2) or Arabic (channel KSA1).


Saudi TV carries live, round-the-clock coverage straight from Makkah, in both Arabic (KSA1) and English (KSA2). Nothing can be better than going straight to the source, where you can watch the sea of humanity moving through the rites, hear the chanting of 'Labayk', and watch live on-site interviews with pilgrims. This livestream from Mecca.net is the fastest and most reliable feed we have found; there is only a 30-second delay from TVs within the Kingdom, and the video/sounds quality is excellent.

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