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Before You Lend a Hand to the Iraqi People


As the world faces the challenges of war, there is universal concern about the impact of the conflict on the innocent people of Iraq. While many of us feel powerless and apathetic in this day and age, there is something each one of us can do to help those in need. Reach out today, to help an innocent victim in an often war-torn land.

Pray for Peace

"Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget or fall into error. Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which Thou did lay on those before us. Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. Thou art our Protector..." (Qur'an 2:286)

Contribute Material Goods

The Iraqi people are in urgent need of basic living and medical supplies. If you live in the region, humanitarian supplies are often trucked in for distribution, or are stored in neighboring countries to assist refugees. Check in your local area. If you are outside the region, it is more effective to send money (see below) so that material can be purchased locally, eliminating shipping costs.

Contribute Money

When contributing from a distance away, the best way to ensure that your donation actually helps someone in need is to give cash to a reputable aid organization. After keeping a portion for overhead costs, they send the rest of the money directly to the community or region to purchase needed supplies on the local market.

Watch Out for Questionable Groups

As the "war on terrorism" continues, some Islamic charitable organizations have been targeted and shut down by the U.S. government under accusations of terrorist ties. The U.S. Treasury Dept. maintains a list of banned organizations. To ensure that your contribution reaches its intended recipients, steer clear of questionable groups and contribute through reputable, international organizations.

Remember that even a little goes a long way...

The Prophet Muhammad once said that "even the smallest good deed" is significant. You do not need to send thousands of dollars or tons of food in order to make a difference. Most importantly, Allah knows the intentions of your heart and rewards you accordingly.

Learn More About the Rich Culture of Iraq

It's easy to fear or hate the unknown. Iraq contains some of the world's greatest cultural treasures, dating back tens of thousands of years. The area (at times known as Sumer or Babylonia) is the "cradle of civilization" -- origins of such human developments as written language, agriculture, domesticated animals, etc.
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