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Hajj Travel Agents

By September 30, 2010

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Makkah, Saudi Arabia

This year's Hajj will fall during the month of November, and preparations are already underway.  If you plan to perform Hajj, you cannot simply buy a plane ticket and expect to enter Makkah.  It is required for pilgrims to book through a registered Hajj service provider.  It is important to learn more about this process, and find an agent serving your part of the world.  Many groups still have space available.

Have you gone for Hajj before?  Sharing your experiences may help inspire and inform others who are preparing for the journey.  Share your story!

October 8, 2010 at 9:34 am
(1) syed says:

i believe that there should be no visa or any other related requirement for going to Makkah or Madina; these places are designated(by Allah) for all believers; anyone who is a muslim should be allowed to go there without any restrictions or requirements other than that the person should be able to prove that he is a muslim.

it is these types of restrictions that have made the hajj a commercial venture where these travel agents make a whole lot of money(without providing all the promised services) and so do those 5 star hotels who make the hajj look more like a vacation,again to make as much money as possible. all this with the help of saudi govt. who makes people go thru its authorised agents only, etc.

these two places should be free for any believer to go at any time he or she likes, without any qualifications/restrictions whatsoever. these places should not be considered a part of saudi territory but a common believers’ land (like the no-man’s land). these two places belong to Allah directly(just like the earth too.)

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